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The Writer's Room is a unique learning experience designed to cultivate the next generation of Christian storytellers, filmmakers, and showrunners. Participants collaborate with peers in developing and writing a (hypothetical) show or film based on a biblical story or their own original concept. While the show itself may not be real, the knowledge and skill that participants develop through the process is, laying a solid foundation for future success in the highly competitive world of the entertainment industry.

The Writer's Room

Image by Annie Spratt

What are the benefits?

  • Develop knowledge and experience in TV/Film writing

  • Increase biblical literacy and theological knowledge

  • Engage with Scripture at a deeper level

  • Be spiritually formed and discipled as a writer

  • Discover your creative strengths and interests 

  • Collaborate with Christian peers in a fun, positive space

  • Explore a potential career path

  • Gain a unique experience for resumes and college apps

  • Received personalized instruction based on experience

What's involved?

  • Apply individually or with friends/siblings/classmates

  • ​Select a convenient time and frequency

  • Meet online (Google Meet/Zoom)

  • Choose any genre, style, and story structure

  • Work together to generate concepts, characters, and plot

  • Analyze similar shows/films for insight and ideas

  • Practice camaraderie and speaking truth in love

  • Create a final product you can share with others

  • Engage in spiritually-formative practices

Image by Brooke Cagle
Image by Christin Hume

Who's it for?

  • Your child/grandchild who loves The Chosen

  • The creative kids in your youth group

  • The aspiring filmmaker in your classroom

  • You!

  • All ages welcome, but ideal for developing writers

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