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Philosophy of Monetization

I began this site a few years ago without ever planning to monetize any aspect of it. Adaptation had become a topic of great interest to me during seminary, but, having finished seminary, I had relatively few outlets for sharing my thoughts and ideas on the subject. This site was an opportunity for me to connect with others who had similar interests and share my observations and ideas about Bible Art. Of course, maintaining a functional website has costs, particularly when, like me, you're not gifted in coding and need to rely on a service like Wix. After shouldering these costs on my own for a couple years, I began monetizing in small ways in order to offset these costs. This work is not a major source of income for me; I do it primarily to connect with you, the readers. Whatever small ways you can offer support, however, ensure that I can continue to cover the costs of this site into future years. Even if you can't contribute with money though, I'm grateful to have you as a guest and pray that you would come across resources that spark your creativity and imagination.