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How to Watch The Chosen Season 3 Finale

During the January 15 livestream, Dallas Jenkins announced that Episodes 7 and 8 of The Chosen Season 3 will be showing in theaters on February 2-3 through Fathom Events. These episodes will then become available for free through The Chosen the following week, with Episode 7 airing on Sunday, February 5 and Episode 8 airing on Tuesday, February 7. Because of the massive response to the announcement, the Fathom Events page for The Chosen Season 3 finale was temporarily overwhelmed and went down, but you should be able to access it now here. Tickets can also be purchased through the website of the movie theater that you are attending (e.g. AMC, Regal).

Tamar, Judas, and Mary Magdalene in The Chosen Season 3
Tamar, Judas, and Mary Magdalene in The Chosen Season 3

What will happen in The Chosen Season 3 Finale?

Since before the beginning of The Chosen Season 3, it's been reported that the season will end with the Feeding of the 5,000 (John 6), one of Jesus' most famous miracles. The finale will also almost certainly give us more insight into the final fate of John the Baptist (eg. Matthew 14), who has been imprisoned by Herod Antipas throughout The Chosen Season 3. There are also rumors that the Season 3 Finale will contain a significant twist that will really get fans of The Chosen talking.

Why watch The Chosen Season 3 Finale in theaters?

Fans who watch Episodes 7 and 8 in theaters will obviously get to see the new episodes a little earlier. More importantly, reports have suggested that the Feeding of the 5,000 is one of the most visually impressive and cinematic scenes captured in The Chosen so far.

Can my church host a watch party for The Chosen Season 3 Finale?

Unlike The Chosen Season 3 Premiere, the Finale will not be aired in non-theater venues like churches.

Want to watch The Chosen Finale with The Bible Artist?

I'm excited to attend The Chosen Season 3 Finale and would love to have the opportunity to watch it with anyone who lives nearby. If you live within driving distance of Boston, please feel free to reach out and we can see if we can gather a group to attend together!

Jesus and Simon the Zealot Feeding the 5,000
Jesus and Simon the Zealot Feeding the 5,000


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